What I Believe

I believe in one God.  He is the God of Abraham, Moses, Isaac, and David.  He is the same now as he ever was and ever will be.  God has no beginning and will have no end, for he is The Beginning and The End. This road I travel has been ordained by him for his good and his glory, and any good that comes to me through this journey I travel is only by his grace and for his glory to be displayed.  He sent his son to Earth to live a perfect life while still facing the same temptations I will ever face in my life and to die an agonizing death in my place as a result of my sin.  Nothing can touch me that has not first gone through his hands, and I can do nothing apart from him.  Nothing in this world happens outside of his plan, and everything that does happen happens for the sole purpose of displaying his perfect glory.

This is my Bible.  I am what it says I am…..Hah!  Keep your prosperity messages for yourself.  I only prosper in the grace God grants me to be better able to serve others through him.

I believe the church exists to further his kingdom through the preaching of his word, through the people of his church reaching out to those he is seeking after, through the church loving its members and its neighbors as Christ has shown his love to the church.  I believe that if you want a perfect church you need to hold your breath and wait until you reach Heaven’s shores.  I believe that if you want to see the church prosper and thrive in a fallen and stained world, then you need to get off your butt and open your eyes to the hands reaching out for love, open your ears to the voices crying out for hope and act as God has led you to act.

I believe the future of the church lies in the hearts of our youth, and in the hearts of our young children.  If the church is to thrive as a beacon of hope in the 21st century, we must be the change we long to see, and we must instill the truths of God in the hearts of those who will carry on when we are gone.

This is what I believe, and on this I will not waiver.

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