March 1, 2008

End of the Spear

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End of the Spear is a great true story of faithfulness to God.  If you haven’t seen it, go get it.  There is one line in the movie that brought me to my knees.  “No one took my father’s life!  He gave it!”

The Sovereignty of God

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All I could say after seeing this video was, “Shame on me.”  I’ll let it speak for itself.

February 27, 2008

Let’s hit the ice!

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fishing-001.jpg I took Landon and Kaitlyn out today for a second attempt at making them enjoy ice-fishing.  I came prepared with the shanty this time.  I had a hard time finding time to set it up because they kept catching fish. 

February 24, 2008

My Songs to my kids One-by-one(Collin)

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A while back I posted a few posts about the sings I would share with my kids.  Now that Collin has been here for 6 months, I guess it’s his turn.  There are 2 songs I picked for Collin before he was born, and they still hang true now.  The first is “Holy Moment.”  After driving 90 Mph to the hospital, and trying in vain to get Beth not to push, I remember watching Collin slip out onto the bed.  I always thought that after each kid, the births would just seem routine.  Of course, that’s a stupid thought.  It was truly amazing to see him for the first time.  I always go to the nursery with the nurse to watch all the kids’ tests.  There’s just something special about standing there and staring at your kid for no reason. 

A couple of weeks ago, Beth and I sat down and privately dedicated Collin to God.  It was a special moment for the two of us, as we prayed for wisdom to raise him, and we prayed that God would raise him to serve Him.  This song en-capsulizes all of that for me. It’s called “Proud Father” by Jon Mclaughlin.

February 14, 2008

rob bell

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What do you think of Rob Bell’s message in his NOOMA video, and the response the speaker has to it?

November 30, 2007

Connersvine Kick

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connersvine.jpgI found Connersvine by clicking a bunch of links on itunes.  These guys are amazing.  The message of their songs is raw and personal.  The title of this post is funny because of who the lead singer is.  Connersvine is composed of Hunter Smith and Chris Wilson.  Hunter, the lead singer, is also the punter for the Indianapolis Colts.  There are  a lot of Christian players on that team really following God and making an impact.  The song I’ve been listening to is “A Time To Die”.   Beth heard the title and immediately didn’t like it, but I explained the lyrics to her, and she seemed to change her mind.  While trying to minister to a couple of lost friends who are on the verge of trusting in Christ, I came across this song and realized how much I needed to hear the words myself.  The second verse is what I really like.  He’s in his knees before God surrendering everything to Him.  He then asks God to raise him from his knees and give him the strength to stand.  So many times we give it all over to him, but then we try to stand on our own strength—–not good.  This song is awesome.  You need to go to itunes and download it. 

The video is of another one of their songs called “Lay Down” so you can hear their sound. 

A Time to Die

Here I am alone again
The rise and fall against the wind
Alive I’ll be the last to carry on
I see the writing on the wall
For every dream to crash and fall
And tremble like the darkness at the dawn

This is the time to die
This is the time to separate
This is the time to celebrate
Leaving this world behind
The time to die
The waters have risen high again
And all of my idols tremble in
The wake of your love divine

So raise me from my bended knees
Who bow to things that cannot see
And lift me to a place where I stand
Replace my heart and all I lack
And place the wood upon my back
The cross of my dear lover, savior, friend

So take my dreams and take my wealth
And all betrayal You have felt
Take them as a tool for sacrifice
To work to kill or even still
Your kingdom dreams to fulfill
Today this altar is my stage for life

November 19, 2007

What do you call Him?

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This is a good song by Phillips Craig and Dean.  The video is neat that this person put to the song.  It lists the names of God.  The song talks about the power of God’s name.  No matter what good things you do in life, if it isn’t for God’s glory and to show him, it’s to show yourself. 

November 18, 2007

In Christ Alone…..

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I’m kinda getting tired of people putting all these songs to the Passion.  I wish people would just let it speak for itself.  That being said, I did like theuse of it in this video.  When you came to Christ, you placed your trust in him.  Do you still?  When your finances dwindle, do you still put your trust in him alone?  When your job, or your spouse’s job is on the line, do you still put your trust in Him alone?  When the diagnosis comes back positive, do you still put your trust in Him alone?  How about when you’re lifted up as a hero, do you still put your trust in him alone?  Do your kids know it’s Christ who gives you strength, or do they see their mommy or daddy as a superhero?  I think it’s something to really dig into ourselves and find out.  There’s two videos on here that I think dig into my ego, hopefully they do the same  for you.

November 16, 2007

This should make you care about your kids’ nutrition.

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This is scary.  The mom has no idea the whole ride.  It looks like the kid(not trying to poke fun) was too fat for the straps.  His fat just gave and went right through.

November 2, 2007

We haven’t forgotten you, little girl.

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Monday, November 5,  is the one-year mark of when Beth and I lost our little girl a couple weeks after conception.  We miss her today still, but we know she’s in good hands.  These are two songs that help me when I think of her.  I know Beth loved “Glory Baby” before we were married.  I remember her telling me how sad it made her to think of the loss the couple who wrote the song had.  “I hope that never happens to me.”  There’s one line in the song that gets me each time.  When I think of our loss and the pain it brought.  This line reminds me it’s ok.  “Heaven is your home, and it’s all you’l ever know…”  My daughter will never experience hurt, sadness, disappointment, and the list goes on.  All she will ever know is the perfect life intended for her at Christ’s feet. 

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