October 16, 2009

Hands and Feet to Those We Find so Familiar

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:43 am by Dan Barnett

As we’re attempting to discover new ways to make God’s heart for lost and hurting people bleed in the hearts of the youth at our church, I came across a familiar video I first saw back in 2000.  I had heard the song many times before, but when I saw the video, I was moved.  The faces were familiar.  I had just been in the Darien Jungle with these same people —-  granted not the same faces in the video, but Kunas nonetheless.  I had spent 4 days with the tribe at Peria and had the time of my life and, when I left, I felt I was leaving old friends.  This video hit home, because to me these were my friends I longed to reach.  The Bible says that the feet of those who carry the Gospel are beautiful.  The faces we reach out to are even more so.  When we are reaching out, are we simply reaching out to those we know nothing about?  Are we reaching out to faces we can easily forget?  We are commanded to love our neighbors as ourselves.  Knowing what we know of Christ as his children, what would we think if those closest to us cared nothing about sharing that hope with us, and only cared about those far away.  I’m so encouraged by what our church is doing in Zambia and other parts of the world, and I’m blessed by the renewed passion for those in our midst.  I pray God will ignite this passion in our youth, and that the fire ignited in their hearts will spark a renewed since of ownership in the mission in the older generations as well, and these kids would make their mark for Christ and spark new growth in Christ’s church both physically and spiritually.

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