November 30, 2007

Connersvine Kick

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connersvine.jpgI found Connersvine by clicking a bunch of links on itunes.  These guys are amazing.  The message of their songs is raw and personal.  The title of this post is funny because of who the lead singer is.  Connersvine is composed of Hunter Smith and Chris Wilson.  Hunter, the lead singer, is also the punter for the Indianapolis Colts.  There are  a lot of Christian players on that team really following God and making an impact.  The song I’ve been listening to is “A Time To Die”.   Beth heard the title and immediately didn’t like it, but I explained the lyrics to her, and she seemed to change her mind.  While trying to minister to a couple of lost friends who are on the verge of trusting in Christ, I came across this song and realized how much I needed to hear the words myself.  The second verse is what I really like.  He’s in his knees before God surrendering everything to Him.  He then asks God to raise him from his knees and give him the strength to stand.  So many times we give it all over to him, but then we try to stand on our own strength—–not good.  This song is awesome.  You need to go to itunes and download it. 

The video is of another one of their songs called “Lay Down” so you can hear their sound. 

A Time to Die

Here I am alone again
The rise and fall against the wind
Alive I’ll be the last to carry on
I see the writing on the wall
For every dream to crash and fall
And tremble like the darkness at the dawn

This is the time to die
This is the time to separate
This is the time to celebrate
Leaving this world behind
The time to die
The waters have risen high again
And all of my idols tremble in
The wake of your love divine

So raise me from my bended knees
Who bow to things that cannot see
And lift me to a place where I stand
Replace my heart and all I lack
And place the wood upon my back
The cross of my dear lover, savior, friend

So take my dreams and take my wealth
And all betrayal You have felt
Take them as a tool for sacrifice
To work to kill or even still
Your kingdom dreams to fulfill
Today this altar is my stage for life

August 19, 2007


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As I said in a recent post, Starfield is one of my new favorite Christian artists.  Their song, “Unashamed”, pounds me when I hear it.  The song pierces me the whole way through. 

I have not much
To offer You
Not near what You deserve
But still I come
Because Your cross
Has placed in me my worth
Oh, Christ my King
Of sympathy
Whose wounds secure my peace
Your grace extends
To call me friend
Your mercy sets me free
And I know I’m weak
I know I’m unworthy
To call upon Your name
But because of grace
Because of Your mercy
I stand here unashamed
I can’t explain
This kind of love
I’m humbled and amazed
That You’d come down
From heavens heights
And greet me face to face

Here I am at Your feet
In my brokeness complete

August 5, 2007

Holy Moment

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This is a short video I made with one of my songs to Collin.  “This is a holy moment now.  Something of Heaven touches Earth.  Voices of angels all resound.  We join them now…..”

August 1, 2007

My Songs to my Kids one by one(In Jesus’ arms)

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This one is very difficult for me.  This is the one that Jesus just had to keep for himself.  Baby #3 stretched Beth and I and really caused some breakthroughs in our lives.  I realized through some circumstances and events that I have searched my whole life for someone to comfort me.  I always relied on the people in my life when it was God I needed.    Beth had a hard time a few weeks ago as her orignal due date passed.  A lot of emotions flared.  It is so different to lose an unborn baby.  I can’t describe the feelings we had.  Two songs come to mind for this girl we lost.  The first is by Mark Harris.  It’s called  “Wish you were here.”  The video is below, although he doesn’t have one released.  This is the best one I could find.  She is growing in Christ’s arms wishing we were there to see everything she is. 

The second song is very personal.  I wrote it a couple weeks after finding out Beth was pregnant with #4.  I shared it with her and am posting it here now.  Please be respectful of it.  I don’t know why I said that, but this is very personal.

God’s Arms



In our arms we hoped to hold you, safe from all harm.

With our eyes we hoped to see you grow up and behold

The future that awaited you filled with hopes and dreams.

We wanted to kiss you and show you our love

And teach you the love of our God up above.


But God’s plans were greater than we can ever dream.

He planned your life perfectly,

Though too short it seemed.

For although I could hold you for moments at a time

His arms are greater, much greater than mine.


Now in my dreams I long to know you as the blessing you are.

As I wait for that glorious day, when your face I’ll behold.

And when the future that awaited us is finally revealed

I’ll run to you and hold you and fully understand

Of how the point of it all was hidden in His hands.



Oh how I wish I could hold you for moments at least,

But you were always God’s little one.

And, now you’re safe in His arms.









July 31, 2007

My Songs to my Kids one by one(Landon)

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in-the-dryer-002.jpgI’m going through the songs I would share with my kids as I see them growing up.  This is Landon’s turn.  Landon is a very energetic boy.  He likes to press the boundaries a lot.  He knows when he has done wrong, and he knows what’s coming.  As he grows, I will try to enstill in him the values that make God’ heart tick.  I will raise him to have a “wild heart” for God.  I want him to have a passion to be all that he can be in Christ.  I want him to surpass me. I want him to be the bold man I should be in leading a family.  I want him to see the woman he will seek to be his wife as God’s precious jewel that he should treat accordingly.  I want to be in awe of him when he is grown.  This starts with him knowing one truth about himself—-“I am nothing….”  I am nothing without God’s love.  I am nothing apart from God.  Left to myself, I am completely and utterly hopeless.  That is how I want Landon to see himself apart from Christ’s love and forgiveness.  Appropriately I chose “I am Nothing” by Jeremy Camp for Landon’s first song.  You can listen to a sample of this song here.  Also, here are the lyrics:

I’m always in this place,
Where the things I seem to take,
Are the things I wish would fade
I always purpose in my heart,
To do things the right way,
Then I realize I’m still clay
And this piece that’s being shaped,
Will be a beauty you create

I am nothing without your love
I’m unworthy but your death has been enough
I’m completed by your touch,
But I feel like I’ve been given so much and I thank you,
I thank you

I wouldn’t even face,
All the troubles of the day,
If it wasn’t for your grace
Sometimes I even wait,
To see if I’m awake,
Seems so good I can’t relate
Tour every word I crave,
And I’m grateful for every breath I take

When I’m feeling all my shame,
You won’t let it stay,
I sail away into your love
I’m taking every day,
To give my life away,
It’s the only way I know

The second song I chose is “Carry Me” by Scott Krippayne.  This is the response I want him to have in every challenge, trial, tragedy that he faces in his life.  You can hear a sample of the audio here.  And, once again, here are the lyrics:

Reaching the waters edge
Finding there’s nowhere to go but through
Searching the depths within
Seeing there’s no place to hold onto
But your feet have walked
Through every wave that I’ll ever face

Carry me
Over the water
Carry me
Through the darkest night
Carry me
Over the water
Safe to the other side

Facing an endless tide
Constantly pulled out away from shore
Feels like it’s sink or swim
And I just can’t fight anymore
But you take my hand
Here is my heart, You understand


You are the one I need
Holding me close
Safe in your arms


July 29, 2007

My Songs to my Kids one by one(Kaitlyn)

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4th-of-july-004.jpgIn a recent post, I shared what songs I would most want to share with each of my kids as a picture of how I see them.  The next four posts, including this one, will each be for one kid. 

Like I said, Kaitlyn is my princess.  She is unlike any son I can ever raise.  I will raise her as a priceless treasure to be passed on later in life.  I am her source of wisdom, protection, and comfort.  No one in her life will be able to have the relationship I have with her.  That is until that day when “Mr. Approved by Daddy” comes along. I say that jokingly, but it’s true.  We joke about the gauntlet of questions that dads throw at potential boyfriends.  Girls seem to think that Daddy has no say, but if I raise my daughter correctly to understand that I am responsible for her, and that I am passing my responsibility onto this man she’s “in love with,” then she will want my approval of any man she desires that with.  But, for now, she is mine.  Yes, I know.  She is God’s.  I gave her back to God January 19, 2004.  She is my entrustment to hold until it i time for her to go to the man of her dreams, of God’s design. 

Right now, the song I choose for her is “May I have this dance?”  by Scott Krippayne.  He wrote this song for his daughter when she was about three.  He was in Starbuck’s with her when a song she liked came on.  She asked him to dance, so in the middle of Starbuck’s they danced.  It’s a beautiful song.  Check out the video below.

As she grows and will meet “Mr. Takeover” there is a special song by Mark Harris.  It’s called “Find Your Wings.”  As she goes with this man, my prayer is that she finds her wings as a Godly woman, wife, and mother.  Check this video out below as well.  It isn’t the official video, but the person who put this one together did an awesome job.  You can see Mark’s official video here.  These are Kaitlyn’s songs.  Someday she will understand the message of each as I live them out with her.

July 27, 2007

Music Kick: Starfield

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This is one of my new favorite Groups.

July 24, 2007

My Songs to My Kids

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My wife and I recently downloaded a few songs on Itunes.  She wanted some new music for the time she is labor, and I had been wanting a couple just to have.  Now, I don’t normally start off liking the songs she likes right away, but they usually grow on me.  Today, as I was driving home from work, I started asking myself the question “if I were to play one song for each of my kids, what would it be?”. 

For Kailtyn(age 3) I picked “May I have this dance?” by Scott Krippayne.  It is a song he wrote for his daughter after she insisted on dancing with him in the middle of Starbuck’s.  The memories a dad has with his daughter as his little treasure and princess are priceless.  Sometimes, when I pick Kaitlyn up, she wraps her arm around my neck and just pats me gently.  For any who think boys and girls are anything alike, forget about it.  I will raise my sons to grow and depart from me as men.  My daughter, I will raise her as a priceless treasure entrusted to me until the day I must pass her to someone much more suited to walk with her.  When she is grown and finds the man I’ve done enough background checks on and found not even a stolen cookie form his friends, the relationship I have with her will be gone.  I will no longer be her shield.  I will no longer be her source of comfort.  I will be her dad.  He will fulfill all those roles as God intended.  I will be able to watch and see how God shapes her into his princess through this man.

For Landon(age 2) I had a couple.  The first is “I Am Nothing” by Jeremy Camp. Great title to build up your son eh?  “I am nothing without your love.  I’m unworhty but your death has been enough….”  I want him to grow up with this truth in his heart, so that he always has the true perspective guiding him.

The second one for Landon is “Carry me” by Scott Krippayne.  As he reaches times in his life where he realizes it’s either sink or swim, I want him to trust God to lead him through.  My prayer before every time I speak, whether a sermon or a lesson to kids, is that God speaks his words through my mouth.  My prayer for Landon is that God displays his strength through landon’s walk.

For baby #4(hang on, number 4?  what about #3)

For baby #3, we have never met, and will some day in glory, I picked “Wish You Were Here” by Mark Stewart.  It is a song from the perspective of the one who has passed and is sitting at the feet of Jesus.  “….finally free, to run with the angels on streets made of gold, to listen to stories of saints new and old, to worship our maker that’s where I’ll be when you finally find me.”  I also have a song I wrote for her, but won’t post it here until Beth sees it too.

For #4(J.C.B.)/To be born in the next couple of weeks…  I picked, among many, three.  First, “The Best is Yet to Come” by Scott Krippayne.  The title says it all. 

Second, “Holy Moment” by Matt Redman.  I prefer the Superchic(k) version.  As I meet my son for the first time, look into his black eyes that can’t yet look back, and say, “Hey Buddy!” while he hears that familiar voice that has been muffle by mommy’s belly for 9 months, it is truly a holy moment. “Let this be a holy moment now, as something of Heaven touches Earth.  Voices of angels all resound.  We join their song!  Come. Come. Come.  Let us worship God!  With our hands held high and our hearts bowed down.”

Third is the one I didn’t hink I’d like an wouldn’t if the baby was dropping into place so fast.  “Proud Father” by Jon McLaughlin.  “A proud father, of me, you have already made.”  Nuff said.

If you were to pick a song to share with your kids what would it be and why? 

July 22, 2007

Land Yesu! music kick

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I know I haven’t done any music kicks in quite some time.  I’ve been looking for the past few weeks for the lyrics to this song by Selah.  The title, “Landa Yesu,”  means follow Jesus.  Sounds simple enough eh?  The rhythm and arrangement of the song is pretty cool, but the words, when listened to intentionally, mean so much. 


Bandundu, Bandu ya Bible

(Bandundu, people of the Bible)

Bandundu, Bandu ya Bible


Verse 1:                                                                                         Translation:

O Bantu, o Bantu,                                                                        Oh people, Oh people,

Landa ndinga ya nzambi.                                                            Let us hear the word of God.

Landa Yesu. Landa Yesu. Landa Yesu.                                     Follow Jesus.  Follow Jesus.  Follow Jesus.


Let your truth be told.

Let our hearts receive.

May we all be changed.

Let us now believe.

Follow Jesus.

Verse 2:

Ndinga ya nge-your commandements

Bonso masa-are like water

ke sukula-to our spirits

moyo ya beto-bringing life

Yo ke zenga- they are piercing

Mpimpa-through the darkness

Ke pedisa mwinda-bringing light

Na ntoto ya beto- to this land.

Chorus 2:

Let your truth be told.

Let our hearts receive.

May we all be changed.

Let us now believe.

Follow Jesus.


Nkara ti longo

Feshi Kasongalunda

Iwungu Idiofa

Kahemba Kajiji

Bulungu ti kikwit

Masamanimba ti Kenge

Kinshasa eh Congo

Oh Africa.

Chorus 3:

Let your truth be told.

Let our hearts receive.

May we all be changed.

Let us now believe.

Cause blessed is the life

built upon your word.

Those who find their hope

trusting what they’ve heard.

Follow Jesus.

As I’ve said before about Selah, I love how they integrate the congoese language into thaier music.  This song is actually for the people where Todd’s dad is/was a missionary.  The bridge is a cry to people of all these different villages and tribes to be the people of God.  What strikes me most is the chorus.  He shifts gears from the people to God.  He is pleading with God to allow us to hear his word an believe.  I realize when listening to this song that I don’t plead with God on others’ behalves.  This song really does put God’s soveriegnty front and center.

May 19, 2007

Selah Music Kick

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I used to think hymns were just so dull.  They were boring, and I couldn’t stand saying thou every 5 words.  A few years ago my fiancee(now my wife) turned me on to Selah.  Originally a brother/sister combo with good friend, Alan Hall, on piano, they have seen new faces over the last couple years.  Todd Smith, lead singer, is one of my favorite singers.  He puts so much passion into the song.  Selah does a lot of hymns on their albums.  They don’t jazz them up for the most part.  The way they sing them, though, makes it so you can’t help but listen to the words.  Have you ever really read the words to most hymns?  They have such a strong, biblical message.  This hymn combo, “Pass Me Not Oh Gentle Savior/It is Well,” is sung in two different languages–English and Kituba.  Todd and his sister, Nicole, spent about 8 years in the Congo while their parents were missionaries there.  Every album they record includes african songs along side the English ones. 

Here is the story behind this hymn:

Horatio G. Spafford, a 43-year-old Chicago businessman, suffered financial disaster in the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. He and his wife were still grieving over the death of their only son shortly before the fire. Spafford realized they needed to get away for a vacation. Knowing that their friend and well-known evangelist Dwight L. Moody was going to be in England that fall for a campaign, he decided to take the entire family to England. His wife Anna and his four daughters sailed ahead on the S.S. Ville du Havre. Urgent business delayed him so he planned to follow shortly.

The ship was struck by an iron sailing vessel and sank in 12 minutes in the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Two hundred and twenty-six lives were lost. Mrs. Spafford miraculously survived the accident, but their four daughters Tanetta, Maggie, Annie and Bessie drowned in the tragedy. On reaching the European mainland, she cabled her husband with the sad message, “Saved alone.”

Later as he was on a ship to rejoin his wife, the captain informed when they were over the spot where his daughters died.  He penned the words to this hymn shortly after. 

Here was a man who had lost all five of his children.  He had every reason to curse God.  He had every reason to walk away and never care again.  Still, he wrote this, “Whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to say, ‘It is well, it is well with my sou.'”

I remember sitting with Beth on the couch when we realized she had probably miscarried our third child.  I remember the two of us, as sad and devastated as we were, agreeing that we would be ok(it would be well with us) with what was happening.  It didn’t take away the pain, but it brought hope to know God was in control.  Here are the lyrics to Selah’s version of the song:

Bika mono ve, mvulusi(Pass me not, o gentle Savior.)
mono ku lomba(Hear my humble cry.)
bu nge vuluswa ba nkaka(While others thou art calling)
bika mono ve(Do not pass me by.)

Yesu, yesu(Savior, Savior)
mono ku lomba(Hear my humble cry.)
bu nge vuluswa ba nkaka(While others thou art calling)
bika mono ve(Do not pass me by.)

It Is Well With My Soul
Words and Music by Horatio Spafford

When peace like a river attendeth my way
When sorrows like sea billows roll
Whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say

It is well, It is well with my soul.
It is well with my soul

It is well, It is well with my soul.
My sin, oh the bliss of this glorious thought
My sin, not in part, but the whole
Has been nailed to the cross
So I bear it no more
Praise The Lord, praise The Lord, oh my soul.

And Lord, haste the day when my faith shall be sight
The clouds be rolled back as a scroll
The trump shall resound and The Lord shall descend
Even so, it is well with my soul.

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