April 23, 2009


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Hmm, I guess I’ll write my first post in forever.  Hollie put my name on hers, so here goes.

8 things I am looking forward to…
1. Sleep tonight

2. Saturday night

3. Getting a permanent job

4. Summer fishing

5. The October Salmon run

6. My Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee this morning

7. Friday Night

8. TRIAL Sermon #4
8 things I did yesterday…

1. Worked @ the station

2. Worked @ Coach’s house

3. Put Collin down for his nap

4. Made hot chocolate for Kaitlyn

5. Went to bed @ 2:30 pm

6. Woke up @ 7 pmto Landon screaming after a loud thud

7. Woke up @ 9:43 pm and put Collin to bed

8. Went back to the station

8 things I wish…

1. I had a permanent job

2. I could lose 10 lbs.

3. I had hair

4. I could reach certain people in my life

5. I could kill my “demons” (no I don’t mean my kids.)

6. Conspiracy theorists were wrong

7. Body hair didn’t exist

8. Nose hairs didn’t grow back

8 shows I watch…

1. The Office

2. Survivor

3. The Biggest Loser

4. Iron Chef America

5. Guy’s Big Bite

6. The Ultimate Fighter

7. UFC Fight Night

8. UFC Unleashed

8 people I tag…

Well since I don’t know if 8 people whose links I have will read this, hmmm


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