July 29, 2007

My Songs to my Kids one by one(Kaitlyn)

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4th-of-july-004.jpgIn a recent post, I shared what songs I would most want to share with each of my kids as a picture of how I see them.  The next four posts, including this one, will each be for one kid. 

Like I said, Kaitlyn is my princess.  She is unlike any son I can ever raise.  I will raise her as a priceless treasure to be passed on later in life.  I am her source of wisdom, protection, and comfort.  No one in her life will be able to have the relationship I have with her.  That is until that day when “Mr. Approved by Daddy” comes along. I say that jokingly, but it’s true.  We joke about the gauntlet of questions that dads throw at potential boyfriends.  Girls seem to think that Daddy has no say, but if I raise my daughter correctly to understand that I am responsible for her, and that I am passing my responsibility onto this man she’s “in love with,” then she will want my approval of any man she desires that with.  But, for now, she is mine.  Yes, I know.  She is God’s.  I gave her back to God January 19, 2004.  She is my entrustment to hold until it i time for her to go to the man of her dreams, of God’s design. 

Right now, the song I choose for her is “May I have this dance?”  by Scott Krippayne.  He wrote this song for his daughter when she was about three.  He was in Starbuck’s with her when a song she liked came on.  She asked him to dance, so in the middle of Starbuck’s they danced.  It’s a beautiful song.  Check out the video below.

As she grows and will meet “Mr. Takeover” there is a special song by Mark Harris.  It’s called “Find Your Wings.”  As she goes with this man, my prayer is that she finds her wings as a Godly woman, wife, and mother.  Check this video out below as well.  It isn’t the official video, but the person who put this one together did an awesome job.  You can see Mark’s official video here.  These are Kaitlyn’s songs.  Someday she will understand the message of each as I live them out with her.


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  2. John said,

    So beautiful. Wish more dads were like you. BTW, even after Mr.Right comes, no one will ever have the relationship that you will have with her. You will always be her dad! Nothing can change that!

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