July 22, 2007

Land Yesu! music kick

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I know I haven’t done any music kicks in quite some time.  I’ve been looking for the past few weeks for the lyrics to this song by Selah.  The title, “Landa Yesu,”  means follow Jesus.  Sounds simple enough eh?  The rhythm and arrangement of the song is pretty cool, but the words, when listened to intentionally, mean so much. 


Bandundu, Bandu ya Bible

(Bandundu, people of the Bible)

Bandundu, Bandu ya Bible


Verse 1:                                                                                         Translation:

O Bantu, o Bantu,                                                                        Oh people, Oh people,

Landa ndinga ya nzambi.                                                            Let us hear the word of God.

Landa Yesu. Landa Yesu. Landa Yesu.                                     Follow Jesus.  Follow Jesus.  Follow Jesus.


Let your truth be told.

Let our hearts receive.

May we all be changed.

Let us now believe.

Follow Jesus.

Verse 2:

Ndinga ya nge-your commandements

Bonso masa-are like water

ke sukula-to our spirits

moyo ya beto-bringing life

Yo ke zenga- they are piercing

Mpimpa-through the darkness

Ke pedisa mwinda-bringing light

Na ntoto ya beto- to this land.

Chorus 2:

Let your truth be told.

Let our hearts receive.

May we all be changed.

Let us now believe.

Follow Jesus.


Nkara ti longo

Feshi Kasongalunda

Iwungu Idiofa

Kahemba Kajiji

Bulungu ti kikwit

Masamanimba ti Kenge

Kinshasa eh Congo

Oh Africa.

Chorus 3:

Let your truth be told.

Let our hearts receive.

May we all be changed.

Let us now believe.

Cause blessed is the life

built upon your word.

Those who find their hope

trusting what they’ve heard.

Follow Jesus.

As I’ve said before about Selah, I love how they integrate the congoese language into thaier music.  This song is actually for the people where Todd’s dad is/was a missionary.  The bridge is a cry to people of all these different villages and tribes to be the people of God.  What strikes me most is the chorus.  He shifts gears from the people to God.  He is pleading with God to allow us to hear his word an believe.  I realize when listening to this song that I don’t plead with God on others’ behalves.  This song really does put God’s soveriegnty front and center.



  1. Jennifer Mahouchick said,

    We are trying to teach this song for VBS and cannot find a translation for the bridge. I am hoping someone can help ASAP 🙂

    Thank you for any help you can provide

    • Dan Barnett said,

      Jennifer, I’m pretty sure there is no translation. Each one he names off is a territory in the Congo. They are places his dad had his minstry I believe. Then it grows to the whole Congo and all of Africa.

  2. Emily said,

    Hello! I know this is a really old post, but I wanted to thank you for posting this!
    I spent a year in the Congo and had the pleasure of working alongside Todd’s parents in Nkara for a little bit of time. They are wonderful people and have an amazing story of how God has worked in their lives.

    • Dan Barnett said,

      Thanks Emily. I haven’t done anything on this blog in quite some time. Getting your comment kind of steered me back to look through it and made me remember how clear my mind was when I logged things here. Do you talk with Todd at all? I’m wondering how he and his wife are doing. I followed her blog when they lost their baby.

      • Emily said,

        I’ve actually never met Todd, only Jim and Nancy, his parents. I have heard a bit of Todd’s story through them, though. Selah is on tour with Women of Faith conferences right now and they seem to be doing quite well. They are definantly making an impact.

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