February 24, 2008

My Songs to my kids One-by-one(Collin)

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A while back I posted a few posts about the sings I would share with my kids.  Now that Collin has been here for 6 months, I guess it’s his turn.  There are 2 songs I picked for Collin before he was born, and they still hang true now.  The first is “Holy Moment.”  After driving 90 Mph to the hospital, and trying in vain to get Beth not to push, I remember watching Collin slip out onto the bed.  I always thought that after each kid, the births would just seem routine.  Of course, that’s a stupid thought.  It was truly amazing to see him for the first time.  I always go to the nursery with the nurse to watch all the kids’ tests.  There’s just something special about standing there and staring at your kid for no reason. 

A couple of weeks ago, Beth and I sat down and privately dedicated Collin to God.  It was a special moment for the two of us, as we prayed for wisdom to raise him, and we prayed that God would raise him to serve Him.  This song en-capsulizes all of that for me. It’s called “Proud Father” by Jon Mclaughlin.

August 5, 2007

Holy Moment

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This is a short video I made with one of my songs to Collin.  “This is a holy moment now.  Something of Heaven touches Earth.  Voices of angels all resound.  We join them now…..”

August 4, 2007

Going out with a bang.

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collin-046.jpgcollin-025.jpgPicture almost any movie with the husband driving the wife to the hospital, and you have our experience on August 2nd.  Beth had been contracting every ten and six minutes for a few hours.  At 9:00pm her parents arrived from Michigan, and her contractions basically stopped.  We went to bed around 9:45 thinking it would be a while.  35 minutes later I happened to wake up to see Beth hunched over at the foot of our bed.  She told me she thought it might be a good idea to go in.  After a quick call to the doctor we were off to pick up her support partner and head to the hospital and get settled in.  Eight minutes later, that all changed.  “Oh shoot, my water just broke” was what I heard, and my foot heard, “Step on it!”  So I did.  I called my friend, who happens to be a cop in Woodstock(where  we were headed), and asked him to get me a clear shot to the hospital.  He obliged when the comment  of the night, “Go ahead ad rock it out, Dude.  Rock it out.”  The support partner was on her own at this point as I became what every dad’s dream is.  A race-mini-van driver.  At 90 mph I traversed the obstacle course ladened with unnecessary vehicles.  The tally stands at about 10 illegal passes, 2 red lights blown, 35 mph over the limit, and one illegal entry through the ambulance entrance.  The only thing I didn’t do was call 911 or run in yelling, “My wife’s having a baby!  Somebody help.  At 11:00pm we walked into the ER, and 27 minutes of yelling, rubbing, and trying to persuade Beth to wait, Collin slid right out into the nurse’s hands.  Yeah, the nurse’s hands.  The doctor walked in shortly after.  It was a lot of fun looking back.  We don’t plan on doing it again though.

August 3, 2007

He’s HERE!!!!!!!!!

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 Collin Isaiah Barnett is here!  After a dramatic night, at 11:47 pm(August 2), we met Collin for the first time.  He weighed in at 7 lbs 2.4 oz.  He’s a whopping 18 1/2 inches long.  His APGARS were 9 and 10.  We’re very exhausted but excited.  I’ll have a better post on it later.

July 24, 2007

My Songs to My Kids

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My wife and I recently downloaded a few songs on Itunes.  She wanted some new music for the time she is labor, and I had been wanting a couple just to have.  Now, I don’t normally start off liking the songs she likes right away, but they usually grow on me.  Today, as I was driving home from work, I started asking myself the question “if I were to play one song for each of my kids, what would it be?”. 

For Kailtyn(age 3) I picked “May I have this dance?” by Scott Krippayne.  It is a song he wrote for his daughter after she insisted on dancing with him in the middle of Starbuck’s.  The memories a dad has with his daughter as his little treasure and princess are priceless.  Sometimes, when I pick Kaitlyn up, she wraps her arm around my neck and just pats me gently.  For any who think boys and girls are anything alike, forget about it.  I will raise my sons to grow and depart from me as men.  My daughter, I will raise her as a priceless treasure entrusted to me until the day I must pass her to someone much more suited to walk with her.  When she is grown and finds the man I’ve done enough background checks on and found not even a stolen cookie form his friends, the relationship I have with her will be gone.  I will no longer be her shield.  I will no longer be her source of comfort.  I will be her dad.  He will fulfill all those roles as God intended.  I will be able to watch and see how God shapes her into his princess through this man.

For Landon(age 2) I had a couple.  The first is “I Am Nothing” by Jeremy Camp. Great title to build up your son eh?  “I am nothing without your love.  I’m unworhty but your death has been enough….”  I want him to grow up with this truth in his heart, so that he always has the true perspective guiding him.

The second one for Landon is “Carry me” by Scott Krippayne.  As he reaches times in his life where he realizes it’s either sink or swim, I want him to trust God to lead him through.  My prayer before every time I speak, whether a sermon or a lesson to kids, is that God speaks his words through my mouth.  My prayer for Landon is that God displays his strength through landon’s walk.

For baby #4(hang on, number 4?  what about #3)

For baby #3, we have never met, and will some day in glory, I picked “Wish You Were Here” by Mark Stewart.  It is a song from the perspective of the one who has passed and is sitting at the feet of Jesus.  “….finally free, to run with the angels on streets made of gold, to listen to stories of saints new and old, to worship our maker that’s where I’ll be when you finally find me.”  I also have a song I wrote for her, but won’t post it here until Beth sees it too.

For #4(J.C.B.)/To be born in the next couple of weeks…  I picked, among many, three.  First, “The Best is Yet to Come” by Scott Krippayne.  The title says it all. 

Second, “Holy Moment” by Matt Redman.  I prefer the Superchic(k) version.  As I meet my son for the first time, look into his black eyes that can’t yet look back, and say, “Hey Buddy!” while he hears that familiar voice that has been muffle by mommy’s belly for 9 months, it is truly a holy moment. “Let this be a holy moment now, as something of Heaven touches Earth.  Voices of angels all resound.  We join their song!  Come. Come. Come.  Let us worship God!  With our hands held high and our hearts bowed down.”

Third is the one I didn’t hink I’d like an wouldn’t if the baby was dropping into place so fast.  “Proud Father” by Jon McLaughlin.  “A proud father, of me, you have already made.”  Nuff said.

If you were to pick a song to share with your kids what would it be and why? 

June 25, 2007

Surrounded but lonely

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Ok, I won’t post the picture of my vomit for all to see.  I, as expected last night, was home all day today lying in bed.  I had an agonizing night of stomach pain and dreading the eminant vomit that would ensue.  I contracted the flu several days ago while staying home holding my 3-year-old over the bucket as she threw up for hours on end.  Now, it was my turn.  Fortunately, I guess you could say, I only threw up once.  The unfortunate part is that when you do it multiple times, your stomach seems to heal sooner.  Well, here it is 14 hours after the discharge, and I am still in a huge amount of pain.  So, that was my day.  But wait, there’s more. 

I remember one of the first small group meetings my wife and I ever attended as a married couple.  She was pregnant with Kaitlyn at the time.  The question, among an arsenal of many more questions, was posed to us, “What is your greatest fear?”  I easily answered that losing Beth was my biggest fear.  I went further, though, to explain.  Losing her to death would in the long run be less of a fear than to lose her to something I had done.  Knowing she was still out there and not having access to her would devistate me.  We’ve had our arguments as all couples do.  Some in font of the kids.  We try to avoid this at all costs, but sometimes our sinful selves don’t care.  I remember Kaitlyn asking what was wrong one time, and having to come up with a clever answer.  But as I answered, I remember thinking of what it would be like to see her, Landon, and Beth seperated form me, and seeing their lives without me.  Today, I saw their lives without me(in a sense). 

I was laid up in bed all day, when normally I would’ve been at work.  As the kids got up, and, not knowing I was home, continued to scream at each other while Beth tried to keep the peace, I wanted to come out and settle them down to help Beth, but I was pretty much not up to that.  Then, Beth(who is 8 1/2 months pregnant) wouldn’t even let me hug her for fear of getting sick.  See, we’re very cautious right now.  If she gets sick to her stomach, she could very well end up in the hospital leaving me to miss work to watch the kids.  So you see her reasoning.  Trying not to get anyone sick I lay in bed with the door closed, listening to their day go by.  Many times I wanted to come out and set the kids straight, or just help.  It is now 4:30 pm.  Beth has the kids at the parks for a swim and a workout with some friends of hers.  I have had a 2-minute conversation with each of my kids and my wife all day.  Kaitlyn’s was actually me listening to her day.  Landon’s was just laying in bed with him while Beth got Kaitlyn out of bed from her nap.  Beth’s was her asking how many times I had thrown up, and me asking what bed covers she wanted me to wash.  I haven’t in 4 1/2 years felt so alone in my own house.  To hear my family’s life going on and not being able to be involved was so hard.  That may explain the spiltting headache I have as well. 

What is your greatest fear, and how close have you come to it?  Also, please keep Beth in prayer as the delivery of J.S. draws nearer. 

May 8, 2007

Everything I Do

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newdad.jpgAs I look at this figurine that was given to me as a very special gift, I look at how the baby is just laying in his dad’s arms trustung fir the first time.  Though he may not realize the trust he’s displaying it’s there.  He knows his dad’s voice from when he was still unborn.  He connects with him in a way that can’t be explained.  This is his father who created him and has great plans for his life.  Before Landon was born I remember planning his life out in my head.  All the hockey teams he would be on.  How much he would love just helping me in the garage.  I even new how much he would enjoy going fishing with me.  All throughout his life he would never lie to me or disobey my rules.  As the dad is holding his son, he isn’t thinking about these things.  He is trying to grip the reality that thisis his flesh and bones. This baby his to hold.  That’s all he cares about.  He’s staring into the baby’s eyes wondering what the baby sees looking back.  He’s pondering thoughts on how much this baby’s very life depends on him.  If this baby were to fall it could do nothing at all to save itself.  What a picture of God.  The only difference is God planned our lives and knew of the sin in our lives.  Still he made us, and he called us.  We knew his voice because we were one of his sheep.  He has great plans for our lives. And like this baby, we can do nothing to save ourselves now that we have fallen.  Yet he holds our lives in his hands.  Every breath we take is a gift from him.  This perspective makes it all the more amazing to be called to be a father.  To be the best image I can of what God is to my children is the only way to answer this call.

March 28, 2007

It’s a………

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Well, I was going to post the picture of our 3rd/4th baby so you could see so clearly what i was, but the good pictures went to the doctor. We were left with some lousy pictures. Anyway, it was VERY clear that it is a boy. It was just sticking out there for all the fluid to see. Anyway, we have a first name worked out, but the middle name is taking awhile. Don’t ask because I won’t tell you. But, anyway, we’re excited. Kaitlyn got to see the whole thing, and she old Beth’s mom that it’s a boy. According to Kaitlyn, “It have a boy peepee.” 

March 27, 2007

Our First Look at #4

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Here is picture of our newest baby. We’re not sure of the name quite yet. We’re also not sure of the sex. We have an idea, but we don’t know for sure. This one is different. I can’t remember having as much ‘fear’ with the last two. Everything with smoothly. There were no complications that made me think much. But, after losing baby number 3 to miscarriage, I always find myself cautious in my hopes. It’s not in the front of my mind, but sometimes things trigger thoughts. Everything is going just as smooth as the first two, but there’s always that fear. All I know is this baby is in God’s hands right now. If He so wills, this baby will reach His arms before ours as did the last one. I pray I get to hold this baby before Heaven. I think I have a new trust for God after going through the loss with Beth. We chose not to name the baby we lost. I know some think you should always name it to make it more real or other reasons. I couldn’t bring myself to name the baby for one reason. I was reminded of it in a song by Aaron Shust called “One Day.” In the last verse he says, “One day, we will meet our savior, and He will give each one of us a stone engraved with our names upon it, known by God alone. You see when I get to Heaven and meet Jesus face to face, I will receive a perfect body and a new name. I believe that our baby already has that new name that only God knows, so I will not place my own desire in front of God’s. This baby’s life was lived here, unseen, for a few weeks, but it’s real life began that Sunday. I will learn that name one day, but until then, it isn’t my business to know.

Beth said…
Dan, have I ever told you how AWESOME you are?! I have enjoyed reading you thoughts. Love you!