January 6, 2009

Seeds of Hope

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I’ve made it my goal to raise $5000.00 for an organization called Bethany Christian Services. I’m asking for flat donations or per-mile pledges.  Every mile I run this year will be logged on this site.  You can click here to learn more and donate.


October 9, 2007

Listen more than just on Sunday.

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I read that for longer distances runners should listen to podcasts of talk shows or seminars to focus on something other than how far they are running.  It does seem to help.

I’ve recommended listening to Steve McCoy’s sermons before. 

I’d also like to recommend Joe Thorn’s Sermons.  I listened to Joe on my run today and loved it.

October 8, 2007

Back in the saddle again.

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I’ve run a few times in the last couple of weeks.  I’d like to run more frequently than that, but the runs I’ve had have been quality runs. 

I ran with Beth for the first time a last week.  My watch must have been on the fritz.  We’re just believing that we did 2.75 miles in 18:25.  Beth did pretty goo at keeping up with me.  She’ll find it easier, I think, as she progresses.

The next run was with my neighbor.  I pushed him pretty hard.  We officially did  3 miles in 21 minutes.

Today I set out to run for an hour and map my distance.  I ran 6.23 miles in 56:15.  I’m very excited about that.  It’s the farthest run and longest duration I’ve ever run.  I’m encouraged because if I can prepare properly(diet, warm-up, etc.) I could keep that pace for a total of 10 miles.  The only things that stopped me were (1) I promised Beth no more than an hour, and (2) stomach cramps and tight hip-flexers.  The cramps subsided, but the flexers kept pesterring me.  I need more potassium in my diet. 

It feels good to be on here again.  I have some thoughts to share soon as well.

August 31, 2007


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The other day, as I set out to run, I wasn’t positive I would complete my course.  It had already beat me once as my planned course of 3.7 miles turned to 1.9.  The first time I tried this course I turned the corner onto rte 173 and was majorly overwhelmed by how far I still had to go.  This mental wall beat me up bad.  The next time I switched directions.  I went the opposite way to get the long and boring stretch out of the way first.  It paid off big.  About 1 1/2 miles in I started cramping.  I thought to myself I wasn’t going to make it.  As I continued I started picturing myself finishing the course I set out on.  Just the thought of the accomplishment motivated me.  As I kept thinking about the exhilaration of finishing I forgot about the pain, and I even forgot how far I had left.  I was just filled with chills of anticipation.

This description sounds pretty familiar.  One day we’ll cross that finish line into the arms of Christ.  We need to continually remind ourselves of what we have in store.  The anticipation needs to drive us on further.  As we picture Christ’s open arms at Heaen’s gate the pain and stress of this life will go away—-at least for now.