September 12, 2008

Please Pray Now.

Posted in God's Sovreignty, My Personal Walk, Personal, Uncategorized at 7:18 pm by Dan Barnett

I have a prayer request to ask.  As I said to some of you before, I was pursuing many options.  As of now, I have really felt a pulling toward law enforcement.  Please pray that God continues to provide, and that he continues to make the direction clear. 
My big request is this:
God take this job position in Cary, IL and open it.  God direct their eyes to my application.  work in their minds and lead them to me.  I am trusting you to do this.  Whatever your choice I accept the outcome and will move forward in whatever direction you choose.  But, God,  my request is that you provide this job.
Please pray this for/with me.  Please lift my application to God and petition on my behalf.  I don’t ask this as a gesture or on an emotional whim.  God has shown his hand today like no other.  I have seen God heal a man’s wounded hand.  I have seen God speak to an Indian chief in his language with no need for a translator resulting in him coming to Christ.  I have never seen God work the way he has this week.  Please pray on my behalf for this position.  Thank You.


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