September 7, 2008

When you won’t be a man, God will make you into one.

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:47 pm by Dan Barnett

All talk—-That’s been me.  “You should fast, but I’m sick.”  Beth looked at me today and said, “We really needed this.”  What is this?  Well, I decided not to fast a few months ago when our church was fasting to focus on God.  Well, God decided not to let me off too easy.  Fasting from food for a day or internet for a week, that’s child’s play.  God decided to let us fast from money.  I lost my job the day after Labor Day.  Immediately panic set in.  The next two days were hell for Beth and I.  Then, when we turned to God, he was already standing right there.  Through his hand of providence we have received enough gifts and money from friends and family to cover a week’s pay.  Beth’s reminder to me–“Now we just have to pray that He does it next week.”  Nothing like knowing that your faith is about to be stretched again. 

Beth and I sat and discussed employment options a couple of nights later.  For months I have been dropping jestful ideas of finding a new career.  That’s me–all talk.  God doesn’t talk, he moves then speaks—no talk needed.  I have lacked the fortitude to say, “I wanna take a risk.”  God has now decided to make a man himself.  He’s telling me, “You wanna be a man?  Then do it.  You’re too scared to do it?  I’m not.  Watch.”  I have never felt a peace like I feel right now.  God has given me an opportunity to see him move, and I’m not missing a second of it. 

You wanna go on a fast?  Go “broke” for a week.  My mind is not only clear like fasting will make it.  But it is focused on God’s invisible hand of providence.  “you worship me with your lips, but your heart is far from me.”  Not the heart of emotion, but the heart of will.  Your will is far from me.  I want nothing more now than for the will of my heart do worship him.



  1. Dan's wife said,


    I have enjoyed (well, mostly 🙂 ) the past week with you. If someone would have told me a few weeks ago that you losing your job would be something we would be thankful for and bring us closer together I would have laughed in their face, prayed that God would let that cup pass from us, and then go on my materialistic way of life. I hope you feel like more of a man now than you did one week ago. I hope you don’t for one minute think that I think any less of you. I have been so proud of you this week. May we never forget this time in our lives and may we end each day thanking God that he has provided yet again and wake up every morning going to Him for what we need instead of eachother. I love you more than ever!

  2. jeff temple said,

    how’s the job/career change going this week?

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