February 14, 2008

rob bell

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What do you think of Rob Bell’s message in his NOOMA video, and the response the speaker has to it?



  1. Chris said,

    I’ve been reviewing the NOOMA videos today in our Christian resource lending library. Bell is a compelling communicator, who is very creative with these films. Last night at Bible study we read from Paul, “I didn’t come to you with cleaver words.” Bell’s whole approach seems to hinge on his ability to be cleaver. “We preach Christ and Him crucified,” seems simplistic and not nearly sophisticated enough for western culture today. But preaching what is “foolishness” to the world has been the Biblical pattern from Peter’s very first message in Acts 2. One of the videos I reviewed today, “Bullhorn,” is a critique of street preaching. We shouldn’t be confrontational in our witness, according to Bell. But Jesus’ first word of public ministry in Matthew 4 was “repent.” Bell also quotes Jesus saying to the women caught in adultery, “I don’t condemn you.” Bell goes on to say, “Jesus never condemns anybody.” That’s accurate, but deceptive. People who are not biblically literate wouldn’t know that we condemn ourselves by how we respond to Jesus. They would simply hear that Jesus doesn’t condemn. Bell also leaves off the end of Jesus’ statement to the woman caught in adultery, “Now go, and sin no more.” It’s not any wonder that Bell’s ministry is growing so rapidly. And, as we all tend to do, I’m sure he sees his “success” as validation of his methodology and theology. Jesus sometimes lost followers when He spoke truth (John 6, the rich man, etc.) I’d have to say, based on what I’ve seen and heard from Bell today, he’s teaching and preaching heresy.

  2. Dan Barnett said,

    Hey Chris. Thanks for the comment. Good stuff. I think the fear, besides giving a false hope to unbelievers, is the church buying into his message. We allow him to tickle our ears, which Paul warned about. We abandon truth for it. While I wish I were more intentional in my evangelism as he is, I know also that I can do more harm if I give a false gospel. Thanks Chris.

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