February 12, 2008

Sidebar Updates

Posted in Blogroll, Personal, Thoughts at 4:58 am by Dan Barnett

If you don’t normally check out the sidebar on blogs you read, you should.  You should always take a minute to browse through them.  Many have links to things they support such as charities, causes, conferences, or their beliefs.  They also usually have a blogroll, and what I like(and have just added to mine) is their rss feeds.  This is a list of sites they read, but not only that it lists the most recent posts from those sites that the blogger found important and worth sharing.  So next time don’t just look for a new post or a new comment to argue.  Take the time to see what the person is all about when your on their site.  I have recently added men to my blogroll who have no idea I exist, but they are very influential and very close to what I believe and value.  I have also put my google reader on the sidebar too.  It shows the 10 most recent posts I have shared, but if you click the feed link, you can see every post on my reader that I have shared.  So don’t be hasty.  Take some time to check these things out.


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