February 8, 2008

We wonder, some times, why the world hates us.

Posted in Christianity, God, Mission, Prayer, Thoughts at 5:01 am by Dan Barnett

Jesus was very clear that the world would reject us(at times, solely for our faith).  Sometimes, however, we wonder why they won’t even listen to a word we say.  It’s like they see through us, or atleast see through other “Christians” who have abused the grace God has given them.  Want to know why the world rejects us sometimes?  Most unbelievers don’t reject Christianity, rather they reject their view of it.  Many times that view comes from people like this.  If the task of reaching the lost wasn’t hard enough at times, this can’t help.  Be in prayer for guys like this to see the result of their “bash-em-up” evangelism and change.


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