October 8, 2007

Back in the saddle again.

Posted in Running at 6:43 pm by Dan Barnett

I’ve run a few times in the last couple of weeks.  I’d like to run more frequently than that, but the runs I’ve had have been quality runs. 

I ran with Beth for the first time a last week.  My watch must have been on the fritz.  We’re just believing that we did 2.75 miles in 18:25.  Beth did pretty goo at keeping up with me.  She’ll find it easier, I think, as she progresses.

The next run was with my neighbor.  I pushed him pretty hard.  We officially did  3 miles in 21 minutes.

Today I set out to run for an hour and map my distance.  I ran 6.23 miles in 56:15.  I’m very excited about that.  It’s the farthest run and longest duration I’ve ever run.  I’m encouraged because if I can prepare properly(diet, warm-up, etc.) I could keep that pace for a total of 10 miles.  The only things that stopped me were (1) I promised Beth no more than an hour, and (2) stomach cramps and tight hip-flexers.  The cramps subsided, but the flexers kept pesterring me.  I need more potassium in my diet. 

It feels good to be on here again.  I have some thoughts to share soon as well.



  1. John Barnett said,

    eat a bananna =)

  2. Dan Barnett said,

    Not a chance. Potatoes work for me.

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