August 18, 2007

Wiggly Wiggly WOOHAH!

Posted in Family, Kaitlyn, Landon, My Kids, Personal at 10:07 pm by Dan Barnett

the-wiggles-021.jpgthe-wiggles-017.jpgthe-wiggles-014.jpgthe-wiggles-011.jpgthe-wiggles-004.jpgthe-wiggles-006.jpg  So I broke down and did it.  I took Kaitlyn and Landon to see The Wiggles.  Kaitlyn told me she wanted a yellow shirt like Greg wears.  I explained to her that Greg wasn’t with them anymore, and that Sammy is the new yellow Wiggle.  When the concert started she saw Sammy and said, “The yellow one is different, Daddy!”  She had forgotten our conversation, but she still noticed the difference.   Landon sat on my lap with the same straight face until half way through.  As soon as his arms started moving there was no stopping him.  I told my brother that the prices for the merchandise were a rip off.  So there I was at the merch. table getting one yellow shirt, one blue shirt, one Capt. Feathersword hat, and one Dorothy the Dinosaur hat.  Add a dinner at McDonald’s on the way there and icecream at McDonald’s on the way home and I’m tapped.  It was worth the $35 per ticket to see the kids have that much fun.  And yes, I did the motions to “Rock-a-bye Your Bear” and waved my cell phone on the air with the many other lame parents during “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” as they turned out all the lights.  I was a twinkling star in the night sky for my kids.


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  1. Beth said,

    I am so proud of you, Dan! Thank you for being such a great Dad and taking your kids out for a fun night…wow, you even did the motions??!! We will have to go next year so I can check that out. Love you!

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