July 24, 2007

Herecy: the best way to evangelize……..(not)

Posted in Christian Life, Christianity, God, Jesus Christ, Mission, The Church, Thoughts at 6:00 pm by Dan Barnett

stoned150.gifTimmy Brister gives some links on a recent post.  I clicked this link and got pretty peeved.  At first you see the typical oh-so-cheezy look-a-like shirts (Subway—>His Way).  If your computer gives previews of URLs scroll over some of them.  One of them which reads “Jesus Christ the Son of God”  has the scroll-over caption, “…..Jesus Christ-Son of God[t-shirts] are sure to cause controversy.”  This is a Christian website geared towards teens telling them to stir up controversy with their faith.  Another one reads “God’s last name isn’t dammit!”  The caption for this series of shirts reads “They are very politically incorrect.  No wonder we see the youth in the church resembling the world so much.  We feed it to them.  Check it out and tell me what you think.


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  1. CovenantBride said,

    im not surprised…we been preachin thru devotionals, commentaries, tracts and cliches for years (too blessed to be stressed, etc)…paul wrote what the Lord Jesus Christ revealed to him; today we write wat we read…when we finally accept that the gospel can only be preached by the Holy Spirit as it was by the early apostles, then there gonna be a differnt between the tshirts and the real preachin…until then, the kids have learned to market jesus like everyone else who does it…be bless… -g-

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