July 2, 2007

Meeting God without Christ

Posted in Christian Life, Christianity, Eternity, God, God's Sovreignty, Heaven, Jesus Christ, Prayer, Religion, The Church, Thoughts at 8:07 pm by Dan Barnett

“Meeting God without Christ is Hell.” 

I read this quote(thought to be by John Piper) on another blog.  In the discussion, a commenter quoted a sermon of Piper’s in which he posed the question,

“If God wasn’t in Heaven, would you still want to go to Heaven?” 

Well, how about it? Would you still want Heaven without God?  I’m really interested in people’s thoughts on this question.  Don’t be shy.



  1. Lyndon Marcotte said,

    I think people have a fairy tale view of heaven and miss the point that its all about Him. So, I think that if God’s not there, it can’t be heaven, by default. Conversely, if God is truly here with us, among us, in us, then even here, where it can seem like hell on earth, His kingdom has come.

  2. Hollie said,

    I don’t know if I could answer this because Heaven without God is not possiable. Like Lyndon said, Heaven is ALL about God! Know what I mean?!?

  3. Dan Barnett said,

    That’s the point of the question. I wonder if people sometimes people get so wrapped up in the destination they forget who it is about.

  4. Rade said,

    Well God bless those people and open their eyes! 🙂

  5. Rev.Jody L. Pirtle said,

    The Question in and of itself is an oxymoron. Without God their would be no heaven, Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God. Revelations 1:8 &11a, Not only would their be no heaven you and I would not exist. ( Acts 17:28) In Him we live and move and have our being. Colossians 1:17 He is before all things,and in Him all things consist. The good news is that in Christ He hath made me to sit in Heavenly Places RIGHT NOW !!!!!! Ephesians 2:6
    I really enjoyed what Lyndon had to say… It truely is all about Him !!!

  6. Dan Barnett said,

    Jody, I agree with what you said. However, my point in asking this question was not to open a deep theological study. My point was do people think more of where their destination is or of the presence of God experienced there. I know Heaven without God is impossible. The point is this: What drives you more, the longing for eternal paradise or the longing for an eternity in the very presence of God?

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