June 29, 2007

Was “W” Led Into A Trap?

Posted in Immigration, Politics, Thoughts at 8:24 pm by Dan Barnett

I was listening the “Big John and Cisco Show” this morning on 560 AM WIND in Chicago.  John Howell was talking to callers about the immigration bill that Congress passed and has accomplished nothing with.  They started the fence and stopped, among many other things.  The official estimate of illegal immigrants in the US is 12 Million. Some guess up to 40 Million.  John quoted a scholar that said that Ted Kennedy and the Democrats(not all of them) pushed so hard for this bill because they new it would fail.  They pressured Bush to pass it knowing it would fail.  What does this do?  Well, it shows the Democrats as the ones who wanted “proper” reform and Bush who said ok.  Then it shows Bush as the one who failed and backed down.  SO what?  Well, what this does is help to win the Latino vote for the ’08 election.  I Wonder what the point was of this scheme, since the Republicans don’t stand a chance anyway after the Iraq war.  I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this.  Do you think this man is write in his suspicion?  If so, is it even important to the election anymore?


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  1. Lyndon Marcotte said,

    I’m not sure W was trapped necessarily. Regardless, of the outcome, you’re right that Democrats get the credit for pushing it ahead and looking bi-partisan, while it was mostly the GOP conservatives ripping the bill to shreds at every microphone. I think W has a fondness for looking bi-partisan and has done much to advance the democratic agenda, aside from the “war on terror.” “Has he ever seen a bill he could veto, besides stem-cell research?

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