June 12, 2007

Weddings Make Me Think.

Posted in Christian Life, God's Sovreignty, My Kids, My Personal Walk, Personal, Things That Make Me Cry, Thoughts at 8:12 pm by Dan Barnett

1st-week-of-june-014.jpgEver been to an event that just makes you sit and think?  Weddings do that for me.  1 1/2 weeks ago Beth and I went to a wedding out in Michigan.  The groom is one of Beth’s ex-boyfriend’s and old family friend of hers.  He’s really an outstanding guy.  I’ve told Beth that he ranks number two in all her guy friends to me.  While we were at the wedding, I started to notice some things that I never thought of before. 

The church they attend and were married in has been through some very rough waters these past several months.  The reasons for the hardships centered around the pastor and his family.  I realized, watching the ceremony, that what we take from someone(meaning our interest in what they have to say and how we interpret what they say) depends a lot on how we view the person.  The words he spoke throughout the ceremony were excellent and he said the right things that this couple needed to hear starting out their lives together.  The problem was that I felt no depth or connection with what he said.  I kept entertaining the thought, “Hah, not true for you huh?”  I told Beth’s mom after the wedding that, aside from this, this, this and this, it was a great ceremony.  While I lay in bed that night, I started thinking of how we interpret what God’s word says.  We interpret it all too often based on how we view him.  Let me explain.

Many agnostics have rejected God, whether they admit it or not.  When faced with the O.T., they will be looking for things to pin against God.  So when they read of the war, and the women and children being killed, they see him as a narcissistic, genecidal tyrant.   A Christian, who is seeking God’s truth and not his/her own agenda, will know that God is righteous and holy above all others and perfectly just.  When faced with the same passages, he/she will see God displaying his power, glory, and agreement with his chosen nation.

You can apply this to the whole of Christianity.  How you look at God will determine, many times, how you interpret his word.

The next thing that I realized came during the video that he and his bride made for the reception.  There was one picture where, as a little girl, she looked just like my daughter.  Now, Jim’s new wife is a very beautiful woman, and I freaked out.  I realized that one day Kaitlyn will also become a beautiful woman, and she’ll find the man of her dreams.  Amazingly, I wasn’t scared like most of us dads joke about.  I look at the man this woman had just married and realized there is hope.  I actually look forward to the day that I can walk Kaitlyn down the aisle to give her to the man of God created to join with her.  It was such a surprise to me to feel that way. 

What are the events that make you think the most?  What do you usually find yourself thinking about?



  1. What’s in a wedding that makes you think a lot about it? Perhaps you’re still not ready to settle down. Or maybe you’re still not decided to commit yourself to anyone. Getting married is not a joke. It’s a serious matter that requires a ready heart and soul. Once you feel the calling and you have the right one with you then you’ll be surprised to find yourself saying I Do.

  2. Becki said,

    HUH? Anyways, weddings usually make me think back to my own wedding & I think it’s a good opportunity for people to be reminded why they got married & to renew their vows to one another. {Although I am also thinking that odds are these two people might not still be married in 10 years.} Usually death makes me think a lot. It usually gives me a renewed sense of living & sometimes I’ll make changes or finally do something that I’ve been putting off because I think to myself that “Life is just too short.”

    To comment on what you were saying about how you view a person affects what you believe about what they say, that just reaffirms the idea that we should try to maintain a good witness/relationship with everyone we come in contact with. It will only strengthen the chance that they will believe what we say when it really matters.

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