May 26, 2007

No Shrek, But We Got a Spare!

Posted in My Kids at 8:14 pm by Dan Barnett

132.jpg135.jpg      I took my 3-year old daughter, Kaitlyn, into Woodstock, IL tonight to see “Shrek the 3rd”.  When we got there we were disappointed that the movie was so popular that the 6:30 showing had been sold out.  So, we drove around Woodstock looking for something else to do.  Mini-golf was the next option, but the kid-friendly place was closed due to very light rain.  So the next alternative was bowling.  I wasn’t too comfortable  with the idea at first since I had never taken a kid bowling when I wasn’t sure if she could lift the ball.  She did pretty good.  I guess I should be honest, so I only beat her by 4 pins. After she bowled a spare in the ninth and completed her tenth frame, I was down by 14 pins.  I came through an bowled a needed strike on the first attempt, and then I ended up four pins ahead of her.  I was honestly nervous going into my tenth.  But, not to worry, daddy came through.  It was a fun alternative after missing out on Shrek.


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