May 20, 2007

Which Jesus Do You Serve?

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This video uses graphic scenes from “The Passion”.  It’s hard to watch but needs to be shared.  So many of us follow and worship a Jesus of our own making.  We want him to be handsome and dashing.  We want him to fit our agenda and opinions.  The Bible(in both testaments) makes it clear that he is not that Jesus.  He had nothing about him to draw people to him(Isaiah 53).  He was beaten and scarred(Isaiah 52:14, 53, Matthew 27, Mark 15).  He was slandered as many things for who he spent his time with(Matthew 11).  We need to get back to the Christ of the Bible and worship as He was and is.


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  1. rindy said,

    This is so true…and one of my favorite songs. Not only was he battered and scarred, his feet would stain the carpets, but he was not a passive, quiet guy who walked around carrying sheep (as portrayed in so many pictures). Jesus was a “rebel” who reached out to others that no one wanted to associate with, he hung out with those who were rejected, and he stood for what he believed…that’s the Jesus I want to follow!

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