May 8, 2007

Everything I Do

Posted in Baby #4, Christian Life, Family, God's Sovreignty, My Kids, My Personal Walk, Personal, Things That Make Me Cry, Thoughts at 5:50 pm by Dan Barnett

newdad.jpgAs I look at this figurine that was given to me as a very special gift, I look at how the baby is just laying in his dad’s arms trustung fir the first time.  Though he may not realize the trust he’s displaying it’s there.  He knows his dad’s voice from when he was still unborn.  He connects with him in a way that can’t be explained.  This is his father who created him and has great plans for his life.  Before Landon was born I remember planning his life out in my head.  All the hockey teams he would be on.  How much he would love just helping me in the garage.  I even new how much he would enjoy going fishing with me.  All throughout his life he would never lie to me or disobey my rules.  As the dad is holding his son, he isn’t thinking about these things.  He is trying to grip the reality that thisis his flesh and bones. This baby his to hold.  That’s all he cares about.  He’s staring into the baby’s eyes wondering what the baby sees looking back.  He’s pondering thoughts on how much this baby’s very life depends on him.  If this baby were to fall it could do nothing at all to save itself.  What a picture of God.  The only difference is God planned our lives and knew of the sin in our lives.  Still he made us, and he called us.  We knew his voice because we were one of his sheep.  He has great plans for our lives. And like this baby, we can do nothing to save ourselves now that we have fallen.  Yet he holds our lives in his hands.  Every breath we take is a gift from him.  This perspective makes it all the more amazing to be called to be a father.  To be the best image I can of what God is to my children is the only way to answer this call.



  1. Stevie said,

    Now I know what Gumby’s dad looked like.

  2. Dan Barnett said,

    That’s so mean 🙂 JK. Yeah I see that now. More like some type of claymation still-frame.

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