May 5, 2007

Scott Krippayne Music Kick

Posted in Christian Life, Family, God's Sovreignty, Music, Music Kicks, Poetry, Religion, Things That Make Me Cry, Thoughts at 2:00 pm by Dan Barnett

“You Are Still God.”  What an expression.  It doesn’t seem very deep until you are the one left behind when you husband dies.  It’s pretty easy to believe these four simple words until you are the one on the street because of circumstance.  These words don’t necessarily hold much until you find out that you have cancer.  This song ministers to the heart of the hurting.  When everything and everybody has failed us, when life just doesn’t go according to our plans, when we don’t even believe he’s God, He is still God.  “Be still and know I am God”—Psalms 46:10  Here are the lyrics to this powerful song.  Click here for an audio sample.

You Are Still God

I’ve prayed but still don’t have answers
At least none I’m able to see
I’ve tried to rest in not knowing
But not knowing’s a hard place to be
But as I return to Your pages
The words breathe new life to my soul
I see You at work through the ages
And know that You’re still in control

You are still God
You have created the land and the sea
May we applaud
And sing to the wonder of Your majesty
The wind will still blow
We won’t always know
Why seasons of life are so hard
But You are still God

Help me have faith in the knowledge
That You’re greater than what we go through
And when I reside in the valleys
Help me keep trusting in You
The how and the when You are moving
Were not meant for me to decide
Again and again You are proving
You’re there at just the right time


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