May 3, 2007

Music Kicks (May 3, 2007)

Posted in Christian Life, Family, Music, Music Kicks, My Personal Walk, Personal, Poetry, Thoughts at 4:13 pm by Dan Barnett

picbio.jpgThe artist that has been on my mind the most the last few days is Scott Krippayne.  My wife introduced me to his music when we were dating.  A little while before we knew we were pregnant with Kaitlyn we got to go to one of his concerts.  His song “Carry Me” spoke right to me.  How many times in our lives do we face the unknown knowing we have to go through it?  This song speaks our fears and God’s promises so clearly paralleling with a sea that we must cross.  For the next week I will post on some other songs of his that I really enjoy.  Here are the lyrics to “Carry Me”.  If I ever figure out how to post an mp3 on here, I’ll have the music for it as well.  Click here for an audio sample.

Carry Me

Reaching the waters edge
Finding there’s nowhere to go but through
Searching the depths within
Seeing there’s no place to hold onto
But your feet have walked
Through every wave that I’ll ever face

Carry me
Over the water
Carry me
Through the darkest night
Carry me
Over the water
Safe to the other side

Facing an endless tide
Constantly pulled out away from shore
Feels like it’s sink or swim
And I just can’t fight anymore
But you take my hand
Here is my heart, You understand 

You are the one I need
Holding me close
Safe in your arms


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