April 11, 2007

Should Christians Entertain/Be Entertained Part 1

Posted in Christian Life, Family at 9:15 pm by Dan Barnett

So I’ve always wondered what other people think on this topic.  If a musical artist is a Christian, should they only evangelize in their music, or should they simply entertain in some of their music as well?  Switchfoot is the first artist that comes to mind, and then Jars of Clay.  I know there are others.  P.O.D. would be included by some.  What do you think?  Should I buy a Christian CD simply because it’s a Christian CD, or can I buy it because I really love the band’s sound? 

         If a Christian artist is strictly putting his/her/their message in their music, is there a line of what style of music is acceptable?  Is punk music wrong, even if it is quoting Psalms 23?  I’m interested to see what others think.  Be nice, but be confident.  Show why you believe what you do. 


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