March 30, 2007

What If They Came Back?

Posted in Christian Life, Family, My Personal Walk, Things That Make Me Cry at 9:05 pm by Dan Barnett

Have you ever lost someone near to you(a spouse, child, parent, friend)?    I’m not trying to pry emotions out. But what if you could have them back for one day knowing that they would be gone again after that day?  Who would it be, and what would you do?  I’m not looking for the “I wouldn’t want them to have to come back to this evil world” answer.  Really, what would you do if they were back in your life for one day?  Even if you have been fortunate enough to never have experienced this loss, imagine.  Imagine you had lost someone  close, and what it would be like to have them back for a day.

       I was thinking about this on the way home today, and it killed my pride.  I started to think what I would do if I knew I could have Baby3 for one day here on Earth.  I don’t think I would let her out of my site or even my reach.  I would sit and hold her as long as she would let me.  I would simply touch her to know she was there.  I wouldn’t worry about certain tasks at hand.  I think time would disappear for that one day.  I would call in sick to work.  I would pray with her and over her.  I would laugh and play as I do with Landon and Kaitlyn.  I would know that tomorrow was coming and dread it. 

     If I could have her for one day, I would do everything I could to show her how much I would miss her if/when she would leave me.  I started thinking about this and realized I have three loved ones here who could be gone tomorrow without warning.  I could prepare for tomorrow with Baby3.  I don’t know when goodbye will come with my wife or kids.  How much more important is that time with them in light of this thought? 

        In case you’re reading this and wondering who Baby3 is.  She is our daughter that we experienced for a little over a week before God took back to be with him.  We never met her face to face, but we will someday.  That’s who I would want back more than anyone else for a day.


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