March 30, 2007

Update on My Goals

Posted in Books, Christian Life, My Personal Walk at 2:45 am by Dan Barnett


A while ago I posted about my goals for this year.  The main part of the post was what books I wanted to read through.  I’ve kind of mixed them together in my reading.  The two from the list that I’m trying to read right now are “Desiring God” by John Piper and “Know the Truth” by Bruce Milne. 

        Desiring Godis a difficult read at times.  I’m not used to a lot of the terms Piper uses.  All in all, however, it is an awesome book.  The point of the book is finding your ultimate joy in Christ.  Doing this brings glory to Him.   God’s whole aim in everything he does is to glorify himself.  It’s such an awesome way of looking at things.  If I can focus on how God may bring glory to himself, I can see things through new lenses and understand so much more.  I’m just getting through chapters 1 & 2right now.  I know it seems like nothing, but I started with the introduction, and his chapters are long.  Also I’m findg it hard to find time for it.  But already this book is changing my life.

        The other book, “Know the Truth,” is also a difficult read.  It’s really helping me to see God as the final authority of truth.  He lists different “authorities” that people use to find answers, some of which are based on scripture.  They all break down eventually, though, if the  Bible is not the final word.  The one that I have struggled with the most, and I know others do too, is emotion-based theology.  We feel something or rationalize something in our mind.  We use this to reach a conclusion, and then we might go to the Bible to back it up.  The danger is that you can leave things out or take things out of context enough to basically back up any view you hold.  The best thing to do is to be in the Word consistently, which I struggle so much with, and let it reveal truth to you.  This will, in turn, shape your emotions and rationalities. 

      I’m also reading a third book right now that isn’t on my list of  “goal books.”  It’s called “The Radical Reformission” by Mark Driscoll.  Driscoll runs a church of around 6k people in Seattle, WA. He is definitely a pioneer in evangelism, at least at first glance he is.  Once you dive deeper into the path he takes and the methods he uses, you realize he is not the pioneer, but he’s following(to the best of his ability) the example of THE Pioneer, Jesus Christ.  He talks about how we are on mission every day.  Here is a list of a few reasons I just cannot put this book down:

1. Driscoll genuinely has a passion for seeing Christians going into the world on mission.

2. He is brutally open and honest about his own life and struggles.

3. If you want it given to you straight, he is the man for the job.  He writes his words how he would say them in casual conversation.

4. He knows what it takes to be a missionary to his culture.

       This book is a must-have for anyone stuck in a rut of not being able to impact the world around them.  This book will never hit my shelf.  When I am done with it it’s going right to a friend of mine.  Hopefully, when he’s done with it, it will go to one his.  It can’t be stored to collect dust.


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