March 28, 2007

The (All)Personal God

Posted in God's Sovreignty at 2:30 am by Dan Barnett

Since I’ve been working further from home, I’ve had a lot of time to listen to podcasts on my way in. The series I’m listening to right now is a youth ministry curriculum from Covenant Theo. Seminary. They’re the official seminary of the Presbyterian Church of America. The teacher is awesome, and he is just as real as they come. Today he was talking about our identity. We lose sight of our identity in Christ when we get too wrapped up in life. He was sitting in his van reading “Violent Grace” by Michael Card while listening to “The Jesus Record” by Rich Mullins during some alone time one day. Card talked about being at The Great Wall and reading all the engravings people had left. All about who had been there. You know, “Dan was here…..” At one point Card looked and saw a simple cross in the middle of it all. He said it was like Jesus was saying to him, “I was here.” When this teacher had read this a glimmer caught his eye in his mirror. It was a bicyclist riding past his back window. When the rider passed he saw very clearly a cross in the ground he had never seen in all the times sitting in this spot. It was a sign a ranger had posted there. He said as crazy as it sounds God is so powerful that He planted the seed that grew to be a tree that would one day be cut down and made into a post that a ranger would place in the ground so that at the very instant he read that sentence in the book God made the rider go by and get his attention so he would see that cross. He said, “Of course I believe God is that powerful. But the question becomes, do I believe God is that personal.” I heard that and that darn lump came back in my throat. I haven’t claimed that truth enough in my life. God is so personal that He does those things so I can know Him.

Comments On This Post From My Old Site:

Rebecca said…

I think it’s so easy to feel small. I often wonder HOW or WHY God would possibly care about the little events of my life. In the grand scheme of things, the issues I deal with are so insignificant when compared to the more complex things others have to face around the world. And yet, He is still interested in what I am going through. He still orchestrates events like the one with the cyclist and the cross. I guess sometimes I don’t feel worthy that He would even want to have a relationship with ME. And sometimes, it is just easier to think that He is some faraway powerful God too busy with taking care of the universe to be concerned with little ole me. Great reminder Dan!

February 24, 2007 8:39 AM

Dan Barnett. said…
I forgot to mention in the post that the sign read, “One Way.” Neato eh?

February 24, 2007 2:13 PM

Rebecca said…


February 24, 2007 6:05


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