March 28, 2007

“Stranger Than Fiction”

Posted in Christian Life at 10:21 pm by Dan Barnett

Beth and I rented the movie, “Stranger Than Fiction” over the weekend. I was bummed as I started to get further into the movie, as I thought it was a comedy. It turned out to be nothing of the sort. A man starts hearing a voice narrating his life which turns out to be an author trying to write a book. When she says an action of his would lead to his death, he worries. I’ve been talking with my pastor recently about predestination and how God has complete control. My “Personal” post asked if we believe that God is so personal to orchestrate events in my life to bring me to a more personal realization of himself. I’ve been able to understand this better lately and realized that God is so personal that he orchestrates more than I can imagine to seek me out to bring me salvation that he has called me to before the world was even formed. It’s so awesome to think of. This movie was so much more real to me after grasping this concept. How much more greater of a response should we have knowing that before God formed the earth he chose, called and justified me to be his child? WOW

Since I have received so many comments on this post at my other site, I have set up a page at this site with all the comments so that the discussion can continue, and it will all fit somewhat on one page.  Click on the “Harold Crick” page to view the comments.


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