March 28, 2007

My Goals

Posted in My Personal Walk at 10:00 pm by Dan Barnett

I’ve been putting together a list of roles and goals in my life. It’s the top roles I have in life with the goals I need to set for myself to be more successful at each.
My pastor introduced me to this, and I really think it is very practical. He stressed one thing: that every one’s ‘role/goal’ list should include the role “Learner.” Once you stop learning you stop growing. As part of my learner list, I’ve committed myself to read at least these six books this next year:
1. Know The Truth -Bruce Milne
2. Desiring God -John Piper
3. 9 Marks of a Healthy Church -Mark Dever
4. The Purpose-Driven Youth Ministry –Doug Fields
5. Starting Right –Kenda Casey Dean and Dave Rahn
6. Connecting –Larry Crabb

(1) is a book on systematic theology that Steve is using to disciple me. It’s new ground for me, but it’s exciting.

(2) is a book about being completely satisfied in God and finding our ultimate pleasure on Him. Beth and I are going to read this together somehow.

(3)is a must-read for anyone wanting to see their church mature and prosper.

(4) is considered the best book ever written on youth ministry. I had it before and never got past chapter one. I think now I’m ready.

(5) is actually a youth ministry text book. It discusses many things on youth ministry including a lot of theology. I know I won’t agree with some of the theology in it, but that will challenge me to be discerning.

(6) is about relationships across the board. My emphasis on applying it will be toward my own family and then toward kids I minister to and the relationships they are involved in.

Please pray for me as I embark on this challenge. You see, I have read, since 8Th grade, one book cover to cover. Reading is not my discipline, but I need to do this. I will post on each book as I am reading it and as I complete it.


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