March 28, 2007

If The Church Erupted….

Posted in The Church at 10:03 pm by Dan Barnett

I remember watching “Man vs. Wild” on the Discovery Channel a few weeks ago. He goes into a new place every week to show how to survive and get out to civilization. He goes in with no supplies, only a knife. In this episode, He was in Hawaii on a huge volcano. When he crossed the lava fields he was being so careful not fall through or he would be incinerated by the molten lava just feet beneath him. At one point, he had to test every step. If it was unsafe his boot would catch fire instantly. Catching a trend yet? This is about us. In the book of Acts, it talks about how the church was started and what they were doing for each other. The were completely devoted to helping each other in every way possible, be it growing in Christ or just having food to eat. The outside world looked at this and, the Bible says, were in awe. You see, the church is the lava. God has changed our lives eternally, and we should erupt in joy, thankfulness, praise, and love. We should be so devoted to God and each other that anyone trying to pass by without being fazed, will not be able to avoid the heat. The sad thing is you could cross a lava field and not even sense the heat or danger. The same is true in the church today. The lost could even come in the door and not sense anything different than if they walked into McDonald’s, just a bunch of people trying to get in and get out with what they want and not getting bothered by others. This has to change. The top needs to blow off the volcano of the church, and the living lava needs to flow to where anyone in our path in engulfed in the heat and awe of God’s love.


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