March 28, 2007

How Much Do You Care?

Posted in Mission at 2:33 am by Dan Barnett

      If my friend were to die today, he would go to Hell. Someone should really share Christ with him. You know what though? I can’t. If I try to, I think he’d probably scold me and never talk to me again. So hopefully, someone else will do it who doesn’t have that much to lose. What? No way! OH man! But, he was so young. This can’t be happening. God where were You!? Didn’t you care about him, God!? What kind of God are you that takes a guy’s life before he’s heard of you? You didn’t love him. Why didn’t you give him a chance? This is all pointless.

Sound familiar? I’ve been there. The sad thing is the guy had a chance. That chance was me. God placed me in his life for ONE reason. Guess what it was. You got it: to share Christ with him through my life and my words. So many of us have lost this perspective. I understand the fear of losing a friend. You’re reading the post of a man who was picked on his whole life. I started making friends in 8th grade, and lost them all when we moved to a new state. Let me tell you something. Your friendships are not meant to last. Friends will come and go, some on good terms and others with hate. Yeah there will be those who stick by you to the end, but we were not called to make friends. We, as Christians, were given a direct charge by Jesus Christ to make disciples(Matthew 28). You have nothing to lose that can be lost by sharing Christ. The one thing that makes it worth doing is the one thing you never will lose. We need to suck it up, claim the victory over Satan that we have in Christ, and rejoice that above anything in our life our name is written with Him, and nothing can take that away. When we truly grasp this, we will be bold and go out and do what we were called to do. So the question is, “Do you care?” Do you care enough about two things. (1) Do you care enough about being obedient to God in the commission He has given you? (2) Do you care enough about your friends to forget about whether they like you or not, and worry about if they will ever have the chance to thank you for sharing Christ when they see you in Heaven? Do you care?


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