March 27, 2007

This is Abortion

Posted in Moral Issues at 10:17 pm by Dan Barnett

I found this video on another blog. Do not watch it if you have a weak stomach for abortion. This video hurts. I’m sitting here with some pastors and watching it. I’m almost in tears. Do not watch it if you can’t take it. That being said I think this needs to be spread. This is real images of aborted babies. I was appalled when this guy posted it and it got 3 comments. All his other stuff on the sins of gays and blasphemers get week-long discussions. Spread this around and get the word out. Here is the link to his post so you can get resources.



  1. Bluey Zarzof said,

    …Abortion is a subhuman act…

  2. Dan Barnett said,

    Explain what you mean by “Abortion is a subhuman act.” Abortion is a deliberate murder of an innocent life that cannot defend itself. Explain to me what you mean.

  3. Bluey Zarzof said,

    …A subhuman act is a less than human act…

    Killing your baby is not something a normal human being would even concider …Abortion is a subhuman act…

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