March 27, 2007

Our First Look at #4

Posted in Baby #4 at 10:20 pm by Dan Barnett

Here is picture of our newest baby. We’re not sure of the name quite yet. We’re also not sure of the sex. We have an idea, but we don’t know for sure. This one is different. I can’t remember having as much ‘fear’ with the last two. Everything with smoothly. There were no complications that made me think much. But, after losing baby number 3 to miscarriage, I always find myself cautious in my hopes. It’s not in the front of my mind, but sometimes things trigger thoughts. Everything is going just as smooth as the first two, but there’s always that fear. All I know is this baby is in God’s hands right now. If He so wills, this baby will reach His arms before ours as did the last one. I pray I get to hold this baby before Heaven. I think I have a new trust for God after going through the loss with Beth. We chose not to name the baby we lost. I know some think you should always name it to make it more real or other reasons. I couldn’t bring myself to name the baby for one reason. I was reminded of it in a song by Aaron Shust called “One Day.” In the last verse he says, “One day, we will meet our savior, and He will give each one of us a stone engraved with our names upon it, known by God alone. You see when I get to Heaven and meet Jesus face to face, I will receive a perfect body and a new name. I believe that our baby already has that new name that only God knows, so I will not place my own desire in front of God’s. This baby’s life was lived here, unseen, for a few weeks, but it’s real life began that Sunday. I will learn that name one day, but until then, it isn’t my business to know.

Beth said…
Dan, have I ever told you how AWESOME you are?! I have enjoyed reading you thoughts. Love you!


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